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Bunuba Muwayi

Burrudi yatharra ngindaji yuwa thirrili ngarri

Bunuba country has a rich history, reaching back deep into time. The landscape features spectacular landforms and remnants of an ancient Devonian reef system that developed over 350 million years ago when the area was a tropical sea.

Bunuba people have one of the longest continuous cultures in the world. We welcome you to come and learn

Current Season


Mid April - July

As the afternoon sky lightens into biyi (shades of pink & purple), and the munbu (stratus clouds) streak across the sky, we know that cold weather has come. The milky way brightens as we burn thalngarri (Snappy Gum) which keeps us warm throughout the night. Maurri is the season for galamurra (bush turkey), one of the tastiest of our bush meats.

Image Credit: Bandilngan (Windjana Gorge) (Steve Guerrini)