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Bunuba Muwayi

Burrudi yatharra ngindaji yuwa thirrili ngarri

Bunuba country has a rich history, reaching back deep into time. The landscape features spectacular landforms and remnants of an ancient Devonian reef system that developed over 350 million years ago when the area was a tropical sea.

Bunuba people have one of the longest continuous cultures in the world. We welcome you to come and learn

Current Season


Mid February - mid April

After the big rains, country is alive and active. Baniy (goanna) are growing fat and ready to be hunted. It is the nyalalanggarra (male), who has been feeding on frogs, that we target at this time. Girinybali is when we start using winthali (fire) to look after and manage country.

Image Credit: Bandilngan (Windjana Gorge) (Steve Guerrini)