Ngarranggani (Dreaming) Stories

Dreaming Stories

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Ngarranggani is our creation time

It was in ngarranggani that our ancestral beings came to life

These are the ancestors of our people today, who gave shape and life to Country. Rivers, rocks, ranges and plains all began to take the shape of Bunuba Country that we know today. Trees, birds, plants and animals began to emerge across the land, bringing vibrancy and growth to Country. As Country was formed, our laws and knowledge were written into the land. This knowledge is about the connection between all aspects of Country and how we transform and grow over the changing seasons. Our Law tells us of our social & cultural obligations, and also of the roles and responsibilities that we each hold to Country. It speaks of our place in the universe and all things past present and future.

The Laws and knowledge of ngarranggani are still the same Laws and knowledge that guide us today. Songs, dance, ceremony and stories are the way in which we have passed this knowledge on since time immemorial. For generations we have sat and shared our stories around the campfire, passing our knowledge on from old to young. That still happens out on-country today, but we also have wonderful new ways to share our knowledge. The stories that we have included here are those we want to share with you all, to give you another understanding of Bunuba culture and people. But more importantly, we also want to make sure that these stories last long beyond the campfire and far into the future of our descendants to come.


The Spirit Children

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Winthali Story - Gwen Montiero/DBCA