Danggu Geikie Gorge National Park


Open 6.30am to 6.30pm during the dry season only - usually April to November (dates vary according to conditions)


Wheelchair access around Visitor's Centre and to boat. All walks Class 3 - Moderate

Danggu Geikie Gorge has been eons in the making. Over thousands of years, Bandaralngarri, the Fitzroy River, has carved its way through the Devonian Reef – an ancient limestone reef system which formed more than 360 million years ago. Rising 15m high out of the river banks, the kaleidoscope of colours captured in the balili (limestone) are testament to the evolution of the reef and the seasonal transformation of the river. From the ancient reef-forming pink algae to the creamy flood line of the wet season flow, the shifting shades and hues brings the gorge to life before your eyes.

Although the gorge continues for 14km, Danggu refers to a specific point along the river where deep and permanent pools of water lie between the gorge walls. This is the spiritual centre for the Danggu people, one of the muwayi (clan estates) of Bunuba. The name Danggu can be translated as ‘the living water at the white rock’.

During Maurri and Barrangga, seasons of little rain, the deep springs of Danggu provide a vital water source. Birds and animals are drawn to the gorge in search of water and food, and fish remain plentiful. White bellied sea-eagles, rainbow bee-eaters, red, white & yellow tailed black cockatoos are all regular visitors to Danggu. Agile wallabies are commonly spotted moving along the banks, much to the interest of our ever-vigilant freshwater crocodiles!

Since 2017 we have co-managed Danggu Geikie Gorge with Parks & Wildlife W.A. Together we proudly invite you to visit, relax and enjoy. Interpretive walks, guided boat tours, fishing, swimming and kayaking can all be enjoyed in the gorge. At just 20kms from Fitzroy Crossing along a sealed road, Danggu is accessible to all travellers. With the park open from May – October, we look forward to welcoming you each and every dry.


20km NE of Fitzroy Crossing,
Danggu Geikie Gorge National Park


Department of Parks and Wildlife

+61 (08) 9191 5112

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Photos courtesy of Ru Somaweera, Steve Heggie & John Augusteyn