Bunuba Family Adventure

Reconnect in the heart of the Kimberley

300km covered


Boat Cruise at Danggu
Tour through the cavern of Dimilurru
Croc spotting at Bandilngan
Chasing waterfalls at Yuwulurru

Touring gorges, rivers, caves and waterfalls, a Bunuba Adventure is a great experience for families of all ages

Exploring Country by day and stretching out under the stars at night, a Bunuba Adventure transports you far from modern distractions. Rediscover yourselves in the heart of the Kimberley

This 4 day Bunuba Family Adventure takes you through Danggu, Dimilurru, Bandilngan and Miluwindi National & Conservation Parks.

For those looking to slow down and unwind, extra days can be added to the trip to allow you to explore country at your own relaxed pace.

The Bunuba Family Adventure can be incorporated into an extended tour for those planning to continue along the Gibb River Road or all the way to the Top End of the NT.

Alternatively the Bunuba Family Adventure can form part of long-weekend or school holiday round-trip out of Derby or Broome.

Camping is only available at Bandilngan (Windjana Gorge) but there are many other camping/accommodation options in Fitzroy, Derby or along the Gibb.

Day 1
Danggu (Geikie Gorge) National Park




Water Activites
Balili Trail
Largarri Trail
Jarrambayah Trail
Danggu Geikie Gorge Boat Tour
Bun.gu Trail

Immerse yourselves in the ever flowing Bandaralgnarri with boat rides, river walks, fishing and swimming

Day 2
Dimalurru (Tunnel Creek) National Park




Tunnel View Trail
Subterranean Trail

Bats, crocodiles and a subterranean river crossing deep beneath the balili is like nothing you have experienced before

Day 3
Bandilngan (Windjana Gorge) National Park




Gorge Walk
Time Walk
Savannah Walk
Camping at Bandilngan

Exploring the land of the ancients as a blanket of wadanyi (stars) stretches out above the 360 million year old reef

Day 4
Yuwulurru (Lennard Gorge) - Miluwindi Conservation Park




Lennard River Gorge Walk

Discover a secluded rainforest oasis deep within the Miluwindi Range

Title Image: Boys in Bandilngan (RIFT photography/Wesfarmers)