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Bunuba was traditionally a spoken language, passed on across the generations through an oral tradition

Yet as the world changes so too does our need to have a written version of our language so it can be recorded and shared through books, pamphlets, signage and other written sources. In a workshop we held with Kimberley Language Resource Centre in 1989, the alphabet pictured below was chosen by our Elders and language speakers as the one most representative of the pronunciation of our thangani (words). Although it does use the same letters as English, they placement of the letters creates sounds that reflect Bunuba language. The guide below should assist in your pronunciation of Bunuba words:

Screenshot (93).jpg

We have recently partnered with the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) to create Bunuba's Living First Language Platform (LFLP)

Through the LFLP we are creating an online living dictionary that will help revitalise our language and ensure that Bunuba people will keep speaking our thangani for countless generations to come. An integral part of the LFLP project is the training of our people in nationally accredited courses that will see Bunuba specialists recognised as custodians and teachers of our language.

It is through the partnership with ALNF and LFLP that we are able to include our language here on this website and we look forward to showcasing further features as this project progresses. In the meantime we are sharing with you the Bunuba Word Book that we created in 1991 with the support of the Kimberley Language Resource Centre

Bunuba Word Book