Danggu Geikie Gorge

Water Activities

Immerse yourself in Banadaralngarri – the mighty Fitzroy River


Fishing is easily the most popular activity along the river. Local legends are built on the back of enormous balga (barramundi) that eluded the finest of fisherman. But don’t let the thrill of the chase distract you from the steady supply of walnga (black bream) and jarrambah (cherrabin) that flit around the shallows.

There are many quiet spots in Danggu where you can pull up under the shade of the paperbarks, throw in a line and watch the river slip by. For visitors with their own small boat and tinny, you are more than welcome to head upriver and try your luck.

We ask that you be respectful of our waterways and all the fish, plants and animals that call Bandaralngarri home. Please limit your impact on our environment, take only what you need and leave no traces of your visit. Catch limits do apply in the gorge, please see attached WA recreational fishing guide for all other information.

All vessel based fishing needs to be upstream of the tour boat area which is marked by a blue buoy. During the tourist season there are restrictions to when the boat ramp and tour boat areas can be used. Before launching your vessel please see the Park Rangers or contact them on (08) 9191 5112. More information can be found in the attached Danggu Geikie Gorge Park Guide.


Slowly glide your way along the gorge in your personal paddle craft – kayaks, canoes and SUPs are welcome to tour Danggu at any time. A personalised self-tour allows you to slip in underneath the towering crevices so that you can appreciate up close the intricacy of the Devonian Reef. Floating past the balili (limestone) you may be lucky enough to spot the fossilised remains of ancient fishes that link back hundreds of millions of years, into the formative stages of evolution.

As a more unobtrusive means of touring the river, paddling the gorge provides chance encounters with our local birds and wildlife. Make sure you have your camera at the ready! As exciting as these moments may be, we do request that you respect our animals and country by always maintaining safe distances.

Although paddle craft can be used at any time in the gorge, it is necessary to speak with Park Rangers before launching your personal vessel. More information can be found in the attached Danggu Geikie Gorge Park Guide.


Swimming can be enjoyed all year round in Danggu – though it may be only our southern visitors who will relish the cooler waters during Maurri (cold season)! The river is accessed at Bun.gu (the Sandbar) which can be reached via the road or along the Bun.gu trail.

Whilst the river may look inviting at other points along the gorge, we request that you only enter the water at Bun.gu. Cultural restrictions prohibit swimming in certain areas, and we would also like to keep our visitors safe from the movement of boats along the river.

Freshwater or Johnstone’s crocodiles do inhabit Danggu, however they are generally considered safe to swim with. Freshwater crocs are typically timid animals that primarily eat insects and small fish. However, at no time should you attempt to approach or feed the crocodiles as this may result in accidental injury to the animal or yourself.