Walking in Bandilngan (Windjana Gorge) National Park

Savannah Walk


1 km


Grade 3 - Easy walking on a signed, dirt track.


Park open during the dry season only, usually May - November (dates vary according to conditions).


Firm pathway but rough and uneven in areas, sturdy footwear recommended. We recommend that you take this walk during the cooler times of the day - before 11am or after 2pm

An introduction to the Plains Country

Outside the gorge, in the shadow of Bandilngan lies the Savannah Walk which guides our visitors through the plants and animals of the savannah woodlands.

From Cairns through to Derby, the tropical savannah stretches across Australia’s monsoonal north. A mixture of open canopy woodlands and a grassy understory, our tropical savannahs are one of the largest and most intact ecosystems on earth. The combination of trees and grasses creates a resilient habitat for much of our local wildlife.

Your walk will likely be accompanied by the soft thump of our agile wallabies, hurrying for cover deep in the undergrowth. You will discover a jumble of deliciously named butterflies fluttering from plant to bush – Dusky-blues, Purple Ceruleans, Oranges Ringlets and the fantastic Scarlet Jezebel.

This 1km circuit takes around half and hour to complete. With entrance points from the campgrounds and the main gorge entrance path, it can be easily done on the way in or out of Bandilngan

Photos courtesy of Erin Davis & Penny Purdie