Walking in Danggu Geikie Gorge

Jarrambayah Trail


4.4 km


Grade 3 - Signed, dirt track - no bushwalking experience necessary


Open 6.30am to 6.30pm during the dry season only - usually April to November (dates vary according to conditions)


Firm pathway but rough and uneven in areas, sturdy footwear recommended. Due to the high heats that can be experienced in the gorge, we recommend that you take this walk during the cooler times of the day - before 11am or after 2pm

Trace the course of the river along the ancient Devonian Reef

Set within the sandy riverbed of Bandaralngarri, the Jarrambayah trail closely shadows the western side of the gorge. Named for the section of reef where this track finishes, Jarrambayah provides a glimpse of the magnitude of both the river and the reef.

Walking along, it is incredible to think that for a few months of the year, this entire area can be completely submerged. As the trail hardens along the higher ground close to the reef wall, take note of the bleaching along the bottom half of the balili (limestone). This is the high-water mark which the river regularly reaches. Looking hundreds of metres across the river to the East Wall, you can get an idea of the volume of water which courses through the gorge each and every year.

With the gorge walls towering above, it is along Jarrambayah that you can appreciate the intricacy of colours and characteristics ingrained within the balili. From this point the gorge continues for another 14km upriver and is part of the most prominent part of the Devonian Reef System.

Soaring high above the rock wall of Jarrambayah, you will often see some magnificent birds of prey. Most commonly sighted is the brown falcon, who is attached to this part of Danggu through a dreaming story. Wedge tail eagles and their distinctive silhouette are also a frequent occurrence. But it is our two white-bellied sea eagles, hundreds of kilometres from the ocean, who make the most sensational appearance. Sitting high up in the River Red Gums and Coolibah trees, these proud creatures keep a steady, watchful gaze on all who pass along the western reef.

At 4.4 km long, Jarrambayah is the longest walking trail in Danggu. Set predominantly in the riverbed, the sandy surface can make for a more challenging walk. Be mindful too that the gorge walls can hold a lot of heat. It is highly recommended that you only take this walk before 10am and after 2pm, and allow yourself 1 – 2 hours to complete this walk.


Temperatures in Danggu Geikie Gorge sometimes exceed 40C. It is recommended that you walk during the cooler times of the day - before 11am and after 2pmCarry adequate water - at least 1L of water per person for each hour walkingHats, long sleeves, sunscreen and sturdy shoes are strongly recommendedWE REQUEST THAT YOU REMAIN ON THE PATHS AT ALL TIMES. THERE ARE CULTURAL REASONS AS TO WHY IT IS NOT ADVISABLE TO VENTURE OUTSIDE MARKED AREAS OR TO ATTEMPT TO CLIMB THE GORGE WALLSLIMESTONE RISK AREAThis area contains hazardous terrain of sharp rocks and deep crevices.Fatalities have occurred here.For your safety:
  • Do not climb on the limestone rocks
  • Stay on the marked trail

Photos courtesy of Martin Pritchard, Penny Purdie, Ru Somaweera, Environs Kimberley & Tourism Western Australia.